School Dazed: Help For Moms ANd Dads of School-aged kids

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#schooldazedshow #iamschooldazed

#schooldazedshow #iamschooldazed#schooldazedshow #iamschooldazed

Our Bios

Doneda Bailey

Picture of Doneda Bailey - Co-host of School Dazed.

Doneda Bailey is Founder and serves as Executive Director of Noggin Educational Foundation.  After receiving a BA in Radio-Television from the University of Houston, Doneda began her career in account management at a Dallas marketing agency.  She eventually ventured out on her own to develop a commercial video production company. After 12 years in marketing she co-founded Noggin Educational Coaching with husband, David Bailey, providing out of school educational services to students.  Inspired by the great need she saw for students from low-income families to receive similar services, she founded Noggin Educational Foundation in 2015.  

David Bailey

Picture of David Bailey - Co-host of School Dazed.

David is an 8th grade math teacher and serves as CEO and Lead educational coach of Noggin Educational Coaching. He is an experienced mathematics educator with 10 years of classroom teaching experience and over 20 years of private educational coaching experience in various subjects ranging from primary level through graduate school.  David facilitates study skills workshops and test prep courses for various organizations across the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.  David has a BA in Economics and Business from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. 

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